1. It is easy (and totally normal) to get caught up in shit that keeps us "busy"...i.e. checking our phones, emails, social media...BUT it's a distraction from doing the tough work! We need to complete the challenging (and sometimes not so fun) tasks to create change. 

TIP: “Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” - Mark Twain

Of course we don't actually encourage you to eat a frog each morning...but have you ever thought about how GREAT the rest of your day would be if you just got that daunting task OUT OF THE WAY? Here's how we do it: Take a few minutes at night to write a MUST DO LIST for the next day (5 tasks max). At the TOP of this list, write the most important (and likely irritating, time consuming, and boring) task that needs to get done! When you wake up the next day - fresh & vibrant with a shake in hand and your music blaring - #GETTERDONE! Just do it. You will feel so damn good for the rest of day that it won't matter how bad the frog tasted. 

2. We are conditioned to do what's fun & easy - not to do what's hard & challenging. Trust us on this one - it's not the time you put in, it's what you put into your time. In other words, you don't need to put 20 hours a week into this business but you DO need to make the time you do put in count!

TIP: When you learn to control your attention & limit distractions your productivity will sky rocket! Turn off notifications on your phone (airplane mode is your new BFF). You don't need to respond to emails & messages right away! This is a nasty habit of the "instant messenger era" - we assume responsibility to respond to text, emails, and even Facebook messages immediately! Well, guess set the tone & expectations on this one! Set your boundaries and define real "work". By setting designated times to respond to people, you will accomplish more tasks at a MUCH faster rate.

3. The 80/20 Rule. 80% of your time wants to be focused on revenue generating activities, sharing your story, inviting people to look at the biz, sharing our ambassador video, connecting with people about the lifestyle programs, following-up etc. 20% of your time should be spent focusing in on all the other stuff, social media, personal development, ask the scientist, placing orders, etc.  

TIP:  Use Usana's Distributor Services for ALL business/customer service questions (not your upline/leaders). You will get the most accurate answer the quickest, and you will free up your leader's time to focus on revenue generating activities, helping to grow the team as a whole! Teach your team to do the same & you won't be spending the majority of your time putting out fires!

4. Implement 2-3 POWER HOURS per week. These are high intensity 60-90 mins. Disconnect from the outside world to CONNECT with your biz! No distractions, turn off ALL notifications, cell phones, emails, Facebook, etc. Or better yet, leave your phone in another room! Prioritize revenue generating activities. TIP: Do what you don't want to do, tackle what you have been putting off first! Eat the frog. 

5.  Start BATCHING biz activities. Schedule times for different activities. i.e. send out invites to mom friends all at the same time, do follow-up calls at the same time. Once you are in the groove it is easy to roll with it. And this allows you to focus on ONE TASK at a time and ensure it's done well! 
TIP: Multi-tasking = distraction. Short, focused work times increase productivity. We love the 25 minute rule: Set a timer for 25 minutes and dive into ONE task. When the timer rings, take a 5 minute break (check email, messages, get a tea)...and repeat! Time flies by and your to-do list gets CONQUERED!

6. Make time for YOU, time for exercising, time for personal development, time for gratitude practice/mediation/or whatever you are into. When your plate is full you actually spend your WORK time being MORE PRODUCTIVE.

TIP: SCHEDULE it in your calendar - Make it non-negotiable! You schedule meetings, you schedule your kids activities, you schedule time for others, start scheduling YOU!

7. Okay so we know we said MULTI-TASKING is a no-no, however their are exceptions to every rule right? When are some great times to multi-task? We think the perfect time for a little multi-task is when you're trying to fit in things like personal development, training calls, things you can do on the go or integrate into other activities, etc.  

TIP: Download podcasts, audio books, and youtube videos, plug in your headset and listen while grocery shopping, walking, exercising, driving, cleaning the house, or making dinner. Make it happen! 

8. Create 2 lists. List 1 - what can I do to grow my biz in 30 minutes. List 2 - what can I do to grow my biz in 10 min (make this specific i.e. email Sarah the ambassador video). Having a go to list will help you do something productive when you have 10-30 min to spare, instead of aimlessly scrolling through your social media feeds.

We each have 168 hours in a week. You can CHOOSE how to spend your time, and trust us you have more time that you think. The average person spends 56 hours/week sleeping, 40 hours week/working…that leaves 72 more hours in a week! 72 hours to devote to your family, 72 hours to devote to running a side biz, 72 hours to do more of the things you LOVE. Too often we get caught up in feeling like we don’t have enough time, or all we do is work. Or because we are feeling overwhelmed or not sure what to do, where to start etc. we tend to engage in a lot of time suckers, scrolling social media, watching tv etc. Did you know the average person spends 20 hours/week watching TV.  This means that 72 hours is now chopped down to 52 hours & we haven't even factored in social media!

So does this mean you can’t surf the web, scroll through Facebook, read celeb mags, binge watch your favourite show on Netflix. Nope, it’s just being MINDFUL of HOW YOU SPEND YOUR TIME...and not letting these “Time Suckers” distract you into thinking you don’t have time to build this biz. TIP: Set a timer when you choose to engage in one of your "time suckers" so it doesn't consume your whole evening (you know that stop watch app on your smartphone) make it your best friend.