Remember these are just samples. The most important thing is to find your OWN authentic voice + to be confident, enthusiastic, & excited.  

You deserve to create your dream lifestyle and the woman you are talking to deserves it too!


example 1 

Hey Jules, I have been loving your blog! It's really incredible and so so inspiring. I'm not sure if you've seen the new project I am working on @girltribe but I would love to get you involved. Your adventurous spirit and passion for LIVING LIFE align with our tribe so well. Let me know if you are open to exploring and let's chat.


example 2

Hey gorgeous momma, your post today had me like yup this momma gets it & your intro is bang on. I am working on a project with kickass mommas who are empowering each other to own our awesomeness, be unapologetic about real life and amazing role models for our littles. I'd love to connect and see if our ripple effect of spreading positive, good vibes is aligned with who you are. I look forward to connecting momma. PS: your mini is adorable.


example 3

Hey Momma, How are you? Your babes are absolutely adorable…can you believe how quick they grow? Anyway, I wanted to connect with you about our MOMspired Tribe - every time you pop into my head I think you’d be the PERFECT FIT and really love what we are up to! We are all about supporting other mommas who are interested in feeling better, looking better + growing as woman, mommas & boss ladies. Think mind, body, soul wellness. We have teamed up with an incredible company Usana Health Sciences to do this. I’d love to chat more to see if you are interested in getting involved. You have such an inspiring story & would be a dream to work with! Let me know if you are free to connect tomorrow am or Thursday afternoon! I can also send you a super short + sweet 15 min video to give you a better idea of how this partnership works before we chat! Looking forward to connecting! Xo


example 4 

I just want you to know what you are creating is fricking amazing. You had me at can't do epic shit with basic people. ;) I love your dedication to supporting kick ass women. I'm on the same journey and love meeting other women that are actually doing it, not just saying they are! I would love to connect and chat for 10 min to talk some possible collaboration opportunities providing our offline selves mesh as well as our online selves. Let me know if you use zoom or the best way for us to connect. Looking forward to it! Xoxo


example 5 

Happy Monday beautiful lady. It was so amazing to meet you Friday night. I love connecting with calming and inspiring souls like yourself...I'm so excited to share GirlTribe with you! It's right up your alley. An amazing opportunity for you to take your own and your client's wellness and dreams to a whole new level. Here is the link to our site, have a peak around to see what ignites your passion and then let's book a time to chat.