‘What happens after the affair’

- a 12 week coaching program to guide you in HEALING FROM INFIDELITY -

This is about YOUR HEALING JOURNEY regardless of the outcome of your relationship. You may have chosen to remain in your relationship. You may have chosen to leave your relationship. Your partner may have chosen to leave your relationship. You may not have even made that choice yet.

Wherever you are at. This is for YOU.

Because this work is essential in allowing you to step into your next season as the Queen of Your Kingdom.

This is a space for you to deeply heal, so that you don’t carry the hurt, the betrayal, the shame, the judgement forward with you (in your current or next relationship).

This is about taking your power back.

This is about removing the feeling of victimization.

This is about owning your role in your partners affair (yup, we all play a role in the “scandal” of infidelity).

This is about changing the language around infidelity. Your partner cheated - You WERE NOT cheated on.

This is about removing the deep sense of shame and fear of judgement I know you feel (I felt it too.)

This is about finding true forgiveness and peace in your heart → both essential for healing and moving forward.


INFIDELITY is a 12 week group coaching program where you get:

→ 6 LIVE coaching calls with me and a small intimate group of women, who are navigating their own experience with infidelity. These are not pre-recorded calls, these are calls where I show up to support and guide you in your own unique experience. You will get 1:1 coaching on each and every call.

→ 12 weeks of support, in an online support group (off facebook) where I show up daily to support you on your healing journey between sessions while you are doing the processing work.

→ Soul work + journal prompts to process specific aspects of your experience and to move into the next phase of your healing journey.

→ Integration with you Human Design to align you on your path, rediscover who you are, and find out what is next for you.


In just one call with Jak my healing journey has begun. For years I have felt constant anxiety with every decision I make. I’ve lived in fear of everything being taken away from me and felt I had no control over everything that was happening to me. Jak has given me a safe outlet to express everything I’ve been holding in for so long, she has shown me where I’ve lost myself, my power, my confidence, my voice. I know this is just the beginning of my journey and I feel relief knowing I’m finally going to find myself again. Thank you Jak.

The healing process I guide you through involves having conversations that you’ve never had before. Topics we will cover include (but are not limited to) SHAME. VICTIMIZATION. TAKING OWNERSHIP OF YOUR ROLE. SHIFTING YOUR PERSPECTIVE. COMPASSION. VULNERABILITY. FORGIVENESS. SURRENDER. TRUST. and FAITH.

This is a container where you will be fully held, supported and guided in your healing journey.

From someone who has been where you are at.

Who felt like an outsider looking in on her life wondering how the f*ck this happened.

I was blindsided by my husband’s affair when I was 3 months pregnant with our baby girl.

Infidelity was something I never thought I would “survive”.

It was an experience that initially left me feeling alone, confused, and scared about the future.

I could not imagine not only growing through it, but also finding it a blessing.

Do you desire to find the blessing amongst your own story of infidelity??


>> To hear my full story → go take a listen to the Spiritual Smackdown Podcast ‘From Victim to Goddess’ <<

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